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Address: No. 14, North Second Road, Chikan Industrial, Shipai Town, Dongguan City
He Total QQ: 3001277818
Yuan Manageri QQ: 3001255155
After-sales service Miss Chen QQ: 3001234212 
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Main products: 1, oven and fireplace with a transparent glass-ceramic, electric ceramic stove, induction cooker, BBQ machine with black crystal glass
2, appliances, lighting, medical, and other high-borosilicate glass / tube / rod
3, all kinds of electronics, windows, microwave ovens, lamps, stereo, oven, ovens, stoves with tempered glass
4, quartz glass, watch glass, sapphire glass
5, goggles glass: plain film and myopia glass;
6, optical glass: various types of cameras with a mirror, filters, cell phone camera with glass lens optical glass
7, Organic glass tube / sheet
8, water jet cutting, and carved processing
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